Start Investment Habit With Candy Crush

CandyCrushThe earning potential of the youngsters is low as the student debt and a number of young new homeowners rising by the day. This has given rise to a perplexing statistics. Today’s men are largely living with their parents. Investment is turning out to be difficult especially when there is no job and struggling to make both ends meet. This is where micro-investing comes into play. To start with put around $1 to $5 a day to get into the habit of building investment. Now the Wall Street is getting involved. Bats Global Markets chief executive Chris Concannon sent a note on low-cost exchange traded funds and their performance.

It may be noted that ETF assets are swelling and has touched the $2.7 trillion mark year ending 2015. An annual growth of 17% is expected annually by 2019, reveals Blackrock, a leading player in the ETF market. Now Concannon also vouches for the ETF assets to touch the $15 trillion mark in a decades’ time. This could mean a lot of money. Concannon explains the source of the money. He says that it is coming from new investors. This is the bracket that financial markets were not able to penetrate. Millennials in the age group of 20-35 years are the highest in the US history with roughly 92 million. These are first generation investors in the ETF market. Bloomberg has it that 40% of US Millennials are owners of ETFs.

The financial services market should take all the initiatives to tap this potential offering competent investment products that are simplified. This could help create an hold on the wealth of the wealth of Americans. A solution was devised by Madison Lucas, working for Acorns. She devised a smartphone app. Millennials playing Candy Crush could make an investment of $0.99 each time they played it. Investment is a habit, and we need to cultivate it.

Sandra Morgan

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