Jennifer Aniston Named The Most Beautiful Woman Of 2016


Jennifer Aniston was named the most beautiful woman of 2016 by People magazine. The actress has said that the spin-yoga she attends every week gets credit for her well-toned body. She says she usually works out for more than an hour per day, but then her commitments make it hard for her to continue her workouts. She also mentions that her husband, actor Justin Theroux helps her in managing time and also brings her joy.

She praises her husband for being the sweetest human, kind and making her laugh. She says life is easy with him and that she finds him very interesting.

Even though the actress portrays serenity and confidence, she agrees that it took a long time for her to get to know her body. She says that it is difficult to get the body in control at times of stress. The actress shares her view that true beauty comes from inner confidence.

Aniston jokingly mentions that she has never liked her back, as people teased her about it. But she finds it amusing that people these days inject things by paying money to get a perfect shape. She exclaims that all the work-out she did were pointless if she could pay money to get a perfect figure. But, she also mentions that her body is her body and would accept it as it is.

Her locks were also one of the most admired parts of her appearance. She says she always wanted to have a pixie hair cut, but she would never cut her hair that short as she identifies herself as ‘long-haired girl’ and that she loves her hair. She also feels that her long locks make her feel secure.

The actress says that she used to take supplements, including vitamins and omegas. But, as mentioned earlier, the actress concludes saying true beauty is from inside. She says that beauty comes from kindness, confidence, peace and honesty.

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