Comparison Of Hillary Clinton With Bernie Sanders On Various Issues

elite-daily-Hillary-And-Bernie-600x300Senator Bernie Sanders is giving Hillary Clinton a run for her money being her close contender for the Democratic nomination. Sanders is turning out to be a real contender for Clinton galvanizing with the progressive left winning lead in the early voting states of New Hampshire and Iowa. In most issues the duo tow the same line. When it comes to women’s rights and other health issues Clinton and Sander are on the same line both supporting universal pre-kindergarten education, paid family leave, and equal pay. The two are close in issues concerning campaign finance and immigration.

Concerning campaign finance, Clinton and Sander support overthrowing Citizens United and want companies to come out with donations given to PCAs. Clinton wants the minimum wage to be raised to $12 per hour, while Sanders called for $15 per hour. As of immigration the duo supports DREAM Act, path to citizenship and carrying on with Obama’s immigration executive actions. In matters of Climate Change, Clinton wants renewable energy to reach 33% in all energy section by 2027, and she proposes to install ½ billion solar panels by the end of 2020. Sanders propose removing tax benefits to companies producing fossil fuel. He also wants to tax coal powered plants. He wants to offer incentives to design 10 million solar roofing by the end of 2020. Both the contenders oppose Keystone Pipeline project.

Coming to healthcare Clinton wants to continue with Obamacare while Sanders want to call it single payer healthcare system. Clinton wants to government to negotiate drug prices while Sanders calls for Medicare to negotiate the price of the drug with pharmaceutical companies. Clinton proposes a $250 cap for drugs, while Sanders calls for discounts for senior citizens. Moreover Clinton calls for restrictions on drug advertising, and Sanders proposes import of drugs from Canada. Gun control is another important topic of concern; both support background checks. Hillary supported the victims to sue manufacturers while Sanders opposed the legislation. Clinton is willing to offer a grant of $1.75 billion to states for higher education while Sanders wants to make tuition fees free. While Clinton calls for low-interest rates for current and prospective education loans, Sanders want to remove the profit margin on debt repayment.

Sandra Morgan

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