Shoppers Start Early This Shopping Season

Charging conducted a poll with a sample size of 1,004 US adults on their shopping behavior and found out that almost 32 million people have begun shopping for their holidays in advance. This is a whopping 11%. The number says that 2% have already completed their shopping. The poll reveals that senior aged 65 and above have already begun their shopping, and it constitutes 7% of the poll sample. Moreover, a quarter of the sample size said that they will complete the shopping by November end. Shoppers started their shopping early to save money. According to the CEO of Financial Psychology Corp, Kathleen Gurney, people who shop at the last minute are unable to enjoy the benefits of comparison.

Findings on early shoppers reveal online shoppers have a head start with 18% of the samples already begun piling their online carts. While 14% prefer in-store shopping. Statistics has it that holiday shoppers will spend $886 billion this year on holiday shopping. It is also revealed that 80% of the shoppers are yet to start their shopping. Those who have already invested in holiday shopping are heading towards a relaxed holiday season. These early birds save time and money in the long run.

The polls also provide data on who are the early shoppers. It says that whites are likely to shop early than non-whites. Parents are proactive when it comes to shopping when compared to non-parents, and the ratio is put at 20:11 on the percentage scale. Retailers start their advertising campaign earlier. Most of the promotional offers are over by Thanksgiving says a study by Centro Inc. Early holiday shoppers are happy with a fewer crowd and low stress. Enjoy the shopping leisure is one of the benefits of early birds. This is one of the reasons seniors prefer early shopping, and they have presents ready then their young ones.

Sandra Morgan

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