Favoring Trump Young Voter Puts His Points


So, what is favoring Donald Trump? He lives close to San Francisco, he is white, earns $60,000 per year and is a degree holder. In a statement, Donald Trump supporter, a 22-year-old said, he said he will be married to an Asian earning thrice more than him. He also said that he is supportive of her and is proud of her career growth. The youngster also said that they are beneficiaries of globalization. He added, though being molded to be Hillary Clinton supporter, they have turned out to be for Trump now.

The young supporter is now willing to look at the behavior of Trump who called Clinton the victim of the sex scandal. Trump always defended Clinton despite the world calling him a sexual predator. Trump voters feel they are young, urban, and their future is planned. The voter claimed in 2012 they were linked with Clinton but now would prefer to go with Trump. The young voter feels having Trump as the president would mean more liberty to speak their mind without being branded racist or Nazi or xenophobe. He also added that Obama does not involve in PC speech, but Trump does.

The young voter believes that Trump would do everything within his limits to safeguard free speech. The voter is confident that he will be against the laws on social media post as it would cost people their jobs. He would also promote free university speech believes the voter. At least even if he does not support he will oppose the congressional reps who favor these laws. Some of the right-wing views may include, a ban on Muslim immigration, lower tax, favoring melting pot culture, improving relations with Russia, anti-NATO and isolation war policy. The left wing views include favor of birth control, universal healthcare, and LGBT rights.

The 22-year voter does not feel Trump regarding race-baiting. Speaking for stricter immigration laws, the youngster says he is happy until the immigrants respect the immigration laws and do not see them as restricting their freedom. He also said that Trump’s policies are not intended to target cooperative Muslim Americans.

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